Friday, October 2, 2015

Book Review: The Thyroid Cure

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Be your own Health advocate with the guidance of this book! Take control of your life!
After being diagnosed with a Low Thyroid function I picked up this book thinking it will help explain to me what is actually going on in m y body and how I can fix it. Well this book did that and so much more. This book covers the basics of the Thyroid then gets more detailed in how it affects each and every part of our body. She also writes how the Liver and Immune System are important to the functions.
 It was a bit “new Age” in some spots as the author herself noted in the beginning of the book, but overall I found the wealth and breadth of information almost overwhelming. I have book marked and highlighted this poor book all over because I want to be able to refer back to certain spots as I need.

She has helpful tips that I haven’t even thought of, and discussion points to bring to your doctor as well as helpful examples of previous people who she has been able to guide on a healing path. I am encouraged by this book to try and start my own healing journey and maybe I too will be able to get my Thyroid Condition into remission if not Cured Altogether!

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