Sunday, October 11, 2015

Book Review: Swimming with Sharks

Get it here: Swimming

As the title suggests, this is a story involving a mafia/mob group. I always enjoy a good crime related story so this was an easy pick. The story centers on Allison a divorced, single mom who keeps getting into situations she needs to be rescued from (be it by herself or someone else). This is mainly due to the fact that she cannot leave well enough alone and has to play at being a Private Investigator to solve the mysteries in her life.
The “tragic” back-story to her (in)existent love life was pretty fun and entertaining to read and it did flesh the characters out nicely, making me care about her that much more.

This is a book within a series but I didn’t think that it mattered in which order you read them, I only found out it was a series until the end. The book is good enough to be a standalone on its own. I didn’t like the cliff hangar ending; it left plenty of story lines open to where it almost felt as if the story was chopped off between chapters. 

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