Thursday, October 22, 2015

Book Review: By Design

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This Romance takes you into the fast paced world of Fashion where Margaux Channing is constantly setting herself up for failure when it comes to love. Once she meets Dr. Joshua Heaven (no pun intended) however, her luck seems to turn around. Wary of love and terrified of having her heart broken again Margaux, reluctantly allows Josh to “woo” her while she is on Vacation in Jamaica, but will it work out once she gets back to the Fashion world in New York (and in vicinity of her Ex Evan)?

I really loved to hate Margaux, she was egotistic, bullying, demanding, unreasonable and selfish. If you saw the movie: “The Devil wears Prada”, then you know what I mean. It seemed like nothing pleased her. Even when she was on Top of her game she would complain how the world hates her.  I don’t mind my characters being driven and a bit edgy, but I think that the author really strove to make this girl a hard cookie. Other than that, the story was nice, the people within were relatable and the ending was satisfying.

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