Thursday, October 1, 2015

Book Review: Steele Resolve

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Wow, finally a different type of Crime Novel. If you were looking for those Main Characters in a book that are a member of the LGBT community, (because we all know there are so few out there and the ones that are, are completely overblown) then look no further. Detective Steele is a no-nonsense, down to earth, competent person, and yet she struggles with life’s hardball’s just as the rest of us. Recently she had to become the guardian of her nephew due to her brother’s death and she is reeling with the responsibilities while trying to solve what looks like a Serial Killer running rampant in her town.

The twists and turns in this novel, as well as the heartache, grief and compassion will keep you on the edge of your seat and will grip you until the very end. And what an end it is, I never saw the twist of who it was coming, and that made this book that much more enjoyable for me. I like it when a book can surprise me and I will certainly be picking up the next book. This will go on my series to watch list.

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