Thursday, February 18, 2016

Book Review: The boy who walked away

Get it here: the Boy who walked a way

It’s the year 2162 and a Young boy named Jal is caught up in the violence that permeates his everyday life. With the guidance of an invisible protector, he is convinced to set out on a journey towards a sanctuary that will last seven days. It might not sound like a long time, but the details are ion the journey. The encounters that he has, the friendships that he builds and the experiences that he is exposed to shape this young boy like nothing before.

A fantasy tale that is very intellectual and philosophical at the same time. Faith, courage and patience are tested and the reader can easily get caught up in the tribulations of Jal. A good book for young adults and Adults alike, I think this book is a tale that will pose thoughtful questions for us in how we view our surroundings. Many allegories, but I like those so that’s a plus for me. 

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