Monday, February 1, 2016

Book Review: Moscow Venture

Get it here: Moscow Venture

International Espionage thriller is what I would call this book if I had to sum it up. You got action, secrets, hand to hand combat, International plots and John Baran, our main man ends up in the middle of it all when he wants revenge for his friends death.
His friend, David Chernov dies mysteriously and John gets bowled under by the family who wants to hear nothing of autopsies and just want to bury their son. John ends up in Moscow, taking over Davids job and trying to figure out just what happened to him here.
This story was pretty intense all around. It had plenty of mystery to go around as well as plenty of suspense and action. The writing is great and it is evenly paced throughout, no slow lulls anywhere to be seen which I love. This is a great book; pick it up if you want something to keep you turning pages over and over.

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