Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Book Review: Pallbearers and Gamblers

Get it here: Pallbearers

What an interesting story. I originally picked it up because of the connection to Vietnam, and the excerpt that spoke of how Michael’s views changed on the war once he came home and started to be active in the Honor Guard for fallen Soldiers. My grandfather was very tightlipped about his time in Vietnam and immediately after his return, so I was really interested. Knowing this book is a fictional story, it was still able to shed some light on the conflicting emotions our soldiers must have had in these tumultuous times.

The second half of the story, when Michael gets involved with his Brothers “scheme” of revenge, was interesting as well, drawing heavily on Mafia references and quid pro quo life mentalities. I thought that this book was very interesting and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The writing style is neat, with no major editing flaws and the author really brings out the emotions that Michael is conflicted with throughout his story. 

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