Sunday, February 7, 2016

Book Review: Moon Zoom

Get it here: Moon Zoom

Danny and his best friend Nat are on a quest to try and retrieve a special mineral called Moon Zoom. It powers the saucer’s (BOB) anti-grav Drive and the two friends are the best bet the saucer has at getting the mineral back. The adventures that the three go through are entertaining, fun and most importantly, age appropriate. This book is geared towards kids in Middle School, so I was happy to read it and see that there is nothing in here I wouldn’t want my child to read.

With humor and adventure, this book is actually quite educational and will easily set up your child to become familiar with space flight and anything to do with the Moon,. I know my daughter took this book as a jumping platform and now she is looking up stuff that is related online and is very excited about the science of Outer Space. 

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