Saturday, February 27, 2016

Book Review: Muscle Health up to 40

Get it here: Muscle Health up to 40

This was such a dearth of information. It has workout routines, fitness plans, explanations on how to combine them all, as well as a Training Schedule to help you plan the most efficient weight training workouts in the shortest amount of times. I just completed a High Intensity Interval Training month and was looking for something to help me keep the momentum and this is definitely it.

The exercises are detailed and easy to understand, and the many levels (1 to 65) give me something to strive for and I am sure not to get bored easily. The fact that anyone can pick this book up, beginners or advanced is a major bonus because as you advance in skill, the book is still relevant, you can’t “outgrow” it. The book is geared towards Weight Training, so if you are looking for a cardio book this isn’t it. However, don’t let that deter you, we all have stood in front of the weight room at one point intimidated by all the options, but no more! I think if you give this book a chance you will feel more confident in picking up those weights and keeping them up.

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