Friday, February 12, 2016

Book Review: Lazarus

Get it here: Lazarus

I picked this book up, intrigued by the brief description of having been clinically dead for a bit and then brought back to life. Afterwards he started to experience memories that were buried and put them down into this book. So I think this book can be seen as a cross between autobiography and a philosophical story.

Lazarus is at the gym, doing his normal workout routine, when afterwards his heart stops. Once he is brought back to life, this near death experience has a profoundly deep impact on how he views his daily life. Throw into that the fact that he is now able to seemingly at random recall the vaguest memories about anything and everything; he is left questioning his life and the purpose of existence. Throughout his life, we follow him through ups and downs, embarrassing moments and triumphant victories, and all of this made this book that much more real to me. I love it when a biography does not concentrate on the good, or on the bad, lie is a mix of both, but it is up to us to shape how we react to outside influences around us. Poems were not my cup of tea, was surprised to see them at the end, but then I’m not a fan of poetry anyways. 

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