Monday, February 22, 2016

Book Review: Lost in the Forgotten South

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Set in South America, this is a tale of Father and Daughter and their perseverance to stand back up and keep living over and over. We become acquainted with Aldo in his childhood where some key characters that will shape his life are introduced and then fast forward through his life until his daughter Stella appears. She is a willful, imaginative and thoughtful child and grows into a beautiful, smart and driven woman. Their lives are shaped through pivotal moments for each him, when he is interrogated as a communist spy, for her, when she goes to live with her older brothers in Italy.
This book was very interesting, I liked the pictures and art that preceded each chapter and the way the story unfolded over the years was fluid and did not drag. It was interesting to see the world through the eyes of a young girl from Chile and how it affected her self views and reactions to situations around her.

I do think that this book could have used a final round of editing since the present, past and future tenses were mixed up sometimes and I find that a little irritating. Other than that, I liked the story and am happy I decided to pick this book up.

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