Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Book Review: The Garan Divination

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This was a good story. I loved the fact that the heroine (albeit reluctant one), was a everyday woman like me, mother, married, trying to be a good person in her everyday life, steady job. She didn’t ask to be singled out, or to have a latent gift suddenly awake within her. But, it all happened and now she is left with it all and has to come to terms with what it might mean and how she will deal with her gift of Dream traveling (ergo time travel?) and how she will use it. Erin, inadvertently uses her new talents to visit a relative in the past and speaks to them and this action brings her to the attention of the Garan.

An interesting fantasy tale and plot set in our present time and it spans globally with the influence of the “Garan Dream Travel Council” who keep track of it all. I liked the story, wasn’t overwhelmed by it but still a good book.

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