Thursday, February 18, 2016

Book Review: Courage, Passion, Wisdom and Grace

Get it here: Courage

I picked this book up because the title and the plot interested me. There seemed to be a discord here: it is described as a true story and yet there sounded to be elements of Science Fiction (read angels on earth and other worlds). So, intrigued I started reading and it is a good story. I am still a bit unsure if it should be put in the True Story or the Fiction book shelf but reading a little about the author’s biography and description makes it sound as if this truly is a true story.

The story is centered on Sharon, an Angel and Empath here on earth whose mission is to help people in finding their true purpose in life and she sometimes has a hard time with the mission since with light also comes dark and as an Empath that takes a toll. She has a good friend named Jack who is her confidant and her anchor in this world. Interesting, but a bit confusing at times. Maybe I’m not enlightened enough?

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