Thursday, February 4, 2016

Book Review: The man in the Blue Fez

Get it here: The man in the Blue Fez

Having read two other “Birth of an Assassin” Novels, I was looking forward to reading this one as well. Author Rik Stone doesn’t disappoint. The characters are extremely detailed and so interconnected that you could really feel for them and identify with what is going on around them. His writing is very very good and his story (as the others) flowed from one chapter to the next, in a steady pace, building up each plot twist and clue until you reach the end.

Jez Kord is again a courageous, intelligent and hardy individual, perfect for leading this book. His tenacity and survival instincts are put to good use and amidst the violence that ensues; he is able to slowly piece together a clearer picture of who is a true friend, and who is not. Once again, our hero is set up to take down illegal empires and we are left to wonder throughout the book, is this new hero and his Team up for the challenge? Will they succeed or go under in a hail of bullets and betrayal?

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