Thursday, February 11, 2016

Book Review: Reason for Existence

Get it here: Reason for Existence

This book is so much more than just a typical Sci-Fi/ Romance/ Philosophical/ Thrilling novel. There is so much here that makes you think and it really tries to set you to ponder the deeper things in life. You can certainly read this book and not take much away from it but I think anyone who picks it up will get more than they bargained for (in a good way) and I certainly was pleasantly surprised in just how much I started reflecting on certain parts.

Our story revolves around David Jordan who is an alien masquerading as a human. He has an important mission: resolve a nuclear crisis here on earth. Ergo: Stop World War III from wiping out every single living organism here on planet earth. This Sci-Fi might not take you completely into outer Space for the entirety of the novel, but instead it gives you enough of a mix to keep it interesting. At times the philosophy was a little too much and the story did flow at a steady but not fast pace, so those would be the only two negatives. I liked it, 4 stars.

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