Thursday, February 11, 2016

Book Review: Oranit

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An excellent mystery Novel in the crime section, this book is set in Israel, to be more precise, in a little Israeli settlement called Oranit along the Green Zone. When a Arab Collaborator is found dead, no one blinks twice at making the body disappear and hushing the whole thing up. But a few years later, when a new piece of this puzzle is found, the case is reluctantly reopened and Jeannie, an employee at the Shin Bet Security service is tasked with closing it again as soon as possible. However, the convoluted trail of black market smuggling amongst other crimes, leads Jeannie to suspect almost everyone in town.
This murder mystery is entertaining, and grips you at the right moments. You get all the mystery and political machinations of the minor politicians who want to keep their hands clean and other nefarious, evil people, but along the way, the author throws in enough humor to keep this book from getting too dark. I do agree with the other reviewer that a little more editing would have made this novel much better, but other than that it is a solid story.

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