Saturday, February 27, 2016

Book Review: Shearwater

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Forget what you have always thought of mermaids, if you like supernatural novels, filled with suspense, romance, the characters maturing and growing up before your eyes, mystery, then this novel is for you. The idea of mermaids (or should I say Merrows) being real is done in such a unique and interesting way, not cheesy that I think you will like this book.
After a deadly car accident kills Clara’s parents she is shipped off to her grandfather in Ireland, someone she didn’t know existed. Thrown into a whole new school and country, she tries to make friends and solve the mystery of why her mother lied and left the country all those years ago. When intrigue and murder starts happening and unexplainable events shatter her worldview she is forced to accept some supernatural explanations. How she deals with those concepts will be the question. And will she ever get all her answers? Great novel for young and older adults.

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