Monday, February 1, 2016

Book Review: The Lush Life

Get it here: The Lush Life

This is book number 8 in the Samantha Jamison series, and having read one of the other ones a few weeks ago (book: No Hope in New Hope) I really was looking forward to reading another. Another great book I must say, the author blends, humor, mystery and sassiness together to give you this awesome mixture of characters that just happen to stumble into the perfect situations. The writing is great and the wit of Samantha and her friends help keep this story alive from beginning to end.

The story picks up after Book 7 when Clay leaves Samantha house sitting for his friends vacationing in Europe and suddenly Samantha is beleaguered by her friends and other shady/suspect characters keep showing up and Sam suspects that they are trying to search the house for this first edition print book that is “supposedly” hidden somewhere in the house. But with all the funny/weird things that keep happening she is still just trying to housesit and ultimately keep alive. 

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