Thursday, December 31, 2015

Book Review: Blackhearts Legacy

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This book was a breeze! I practically swallowed it up in a day! Even though the tale is very suited to a younger audience I find that adults can find much pleasure in this as well.
We start the journey with Jon, an orphan taken in by his grandparents who have a unusual hobby: time Travel. After a trip goes terribly wrong it’s up to Jon and his Grandmother to keep their wits together to make it home before a terrible Natural Disaster destroys the area where they landed.

I really enjoyed this story and the flow was great. Although there are many different views (Jon, Gammy, Gramps, Captain Blackheart), your not left lost and confused between each change. The author does a fine job of smoothly transitioning us from one character to another and the story just keeps on rolling! There are a few loose ends at the end and an obvious setup for the next book (which I already picked up) so be prepared to get hooked!

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