Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Book Review: The Sword and The Dragon

Get it here: Sword and Dragon

What a read! This fantasy tale has it all, sorcerers, imps, giants, dragons, elves, and brothers fated to be on opposite ends of Good and evil despite their love for each other.
Gerard and Hyden each have majestic destinies, but one is to die and live again only to bring doom and evil to the kingdom while the other will gather strong allies and rally the forces of good against his brother. Originally I thought that the two brothers would eventually unite and fight against the sorcerer Pael, but that stunning twist of betrayal in the middle of the book that set Gerards feet upon the much darker path foiled that plotline.

This read was refreshing in its telling. The story did slow here and there, but the pace in general was steady from one moment to the next. Even the different Point of Views did not detract as they so often can, but rather added the detailed layers to the individual characters. A fantastic story to pick up and cozy up with a cup of hot chocolate on these cold, rainy days!

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