Friday, December 25, 2015

Book Review: Greylock

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On top of Mt Greylock, Pianist seeks solitude to compose his beloved masterpiece, a symphony of Beluga Whales. He has been dreaming of this since his times in the Navy when he first heard their songs in the submarines he worked on. His family is originally from Russia and with that heritage comes a chest wherein he finds a brilliant sonata.. He claims it as his own and goes on to become famous with it. But it all has a dark side. His marriage to Ballerina Carole Anne turns sour and then she gets murdered. He seduces a local weather girl and is tormented by a ghostly dark apparition. His Aunt warns him to take the sonata and never play it again, to burn it before it destroys him.

This novel was full of passion, murder, mystery and despair. The main character is poised perfectly to fall into madness with his theft and then the murder. There are a few suspects and we are left wondering with little clues left here and there on who actually did it? The drive and sometimes single-mindedness of Alexei is very well written, it draws you in and even though I didn’t like him for it sometimes, I could still respect him. Excellent mystery Novel.

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