Sunday, December 27, 2015

Book Review: Clutch

Get it here: Clutch

This was a fun, fast and quirky read. I loved the main character, even though I wanted to strangle her sometimes over her idiotic choices in men, I still was able to identify with her and I loved rooting for her in the end when she finally wised up. Our main Gal is Caroline Johnson, she has the Brains and a Bod for sin as the story so aptly puts it. She starts and owns her own handbag line and tends to compartmentalize her men into the different types of handbags (hobo, wallet, clutch, etc). She has one true friend who has stood by her through it all, not judging: Mike. They met on their first day in college and have stuck together ever since.

Like I said, a very fun and fast read. It’s a feel good romance story and that is exactly what I wanted when I picked it up.

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