Monday, December 14, 2015

Book REview: The Game Master

Get it here: Game Master

This book reminded me of the SpyKids movies. It has a similar premise where a brother and sister get stuck in a game. The difference here is that we start out with two friends who are very competitive and they get enticed to play a virtual reality game wherein they have to figure out how people operate to “win” the game. This book was interesting in its ideas of using the virtual reality to switch us into other people, our friends and maybe even our enemies to see just how they differ from us (if at all).
Even though the book is geared towards young adults I think that it can easily be read by many generations. It is not childish and yet easy to understand. I liked the writing style
 And that there were no formatting issues which can really jar you out of the flow of the story was good too. I think this is a good book, well worth picking up.

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