Sunday, December 13, 2015

Book review: Twist

get it here: Twist

This book was a very good story although I had some qualms with how it began. Our heroine loses her virginity within 48 hours of meeting this guy at her new school she just started to attend. It seemed a little “loosey goosey” to me, but then the things with the FBI started happening, her dad being on the most wanted list and all, and the story took off. We are treated to Luke’s point of view for some chapters of the book and they bring a nice angle to the story. The questions about why her dad was wanted, why and how her Mom died, and what it all has to do with this secret organization sanctity are posed and answered. The writing style is smooth and helps with moving the story forward at a good pace. This is a good conspiracy story centered on a young Teenage girl and her Father, but I wouldn’t let my young daughter read it due to the alluded sex scenes I wrote about above. I think it is good for adults who like a good mystery.

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