Monday, December 7, 2015

Book Review: Nuclear Mission

Get it here: Nuclear Mission

This is an interesting twist on the whole “alien abduction” Genre. In this story Mark gets abducted but instead of prodded and probed he gets outfitted with an Invisibility cloak and a mission: Convince the Leaders of Earth to get rid of their Nukes. That way the aliens can evacuate to Earth. They are fleeing asteroids that are going to destroy their home planet. Besides the nukes, (and the convoluted politics of earth), our planet is just right for them. We are joined on this rollercoaster of how Mark goes about this mission by Marks, girlfriend and his co worker. The author, being a Veteran, has the Government and military sides of the story masterfully covered. Again, a interesting twist. I liked it.

All characters are fleshed out and you do get wrapped up in the story but I that maybe some more action (this is Sci-Fi after all) or some more conspiracy theorists would have made this story greater.

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