Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Book Review: You are This!

Get it here: You are This!

This Spiritual Self Help book is written by an Expert in the Field. Mr. Harrison already has other successful books published and has an impressive resume within the field of Spirituality (as described in his bio). I’ve had some minor experience with the spiritual aspects and views of our Bodies and self, through my Mother who is a Reiki Teacher among other things. I was interested in this book and was pleasantly surprised to find a glossary of the main term used in the book right up front. This made it easier for me whenever I had to reference something.
Even with the little that I know, the book is very complex and at times I had to set it down to really meditate (or re-read) on what the author was trying to make me consider. This book (IMHO) is not a beginner’s guide. This book is for those who are well on the path to understanding their place in this world, self-realization and consciousness.

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