Friday, December 11, 2015

Book Review: Melting Steele

Get it here: Melting Steele

The second book in a series, I enjoyed the first so I decided to pick up this one as well. Once again, Detective Jasmine Steele is the lead and she is a strong willed, stubborn Female character. She is perfect for this intriguing crime Novel. The novel deals heavily with the Internet and all the things you can find on it. It also shows how you may be able to find things on there that you didn’t expect. This was very Eye-Opening and thought provoking for me. The story picks up a little while after the first book ends and is a good continuation. I did get a little tired of watching her relationship totter with Frankie, since it was pretty much the same as the first book I felt there could have been some more progress, either, they start working together or call it a quits for good.

The writing style is once again very well executed and I find that I am looking forward to a third book in this series. 

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