Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Book Review: Clandestine

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I really enjoy spy/secret clandestine organizations starring in my novels, but this book was so hard to start. The first few chapters were nothing but information. Granted, it helped with following the story plot later, but I think that the author could have found a better way of integrating all that info into the story.

The book sets before you the idea that there is a clandestine organization operating towards one goal: a world wide democracy that is beneficial to all people and looks at long-term goals rather than short. But in there operations things go sour, such as Egypt during the Arab spring. It should’ve been the smoothest transition, but it wasn’t. Following along after agent Koshka and Andy, the reader is taken upon a wild ride of missions and top secret dealings sure to please the conspiracy theory reader. Apart from the beginning the rest of the book was well written and it moved at a fast pace.

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