Saturday, December 19, 2015

Book Review: Sharing the Secrets

Get it here: Sharing the Secrets

Even though I’m from Texas I picked up this book, it seemed interesting and I haven’t seen or found any book that is pertinent to TX Laws. As such, the information provided herein is a great and useful tool to prepare you for the aftermath of an accident. There are a few rules in here the author mentions are based upon Florida laws, but I think that even from another state you get a lot of information that this book is really useful.

The information that is provided covers not only what to do in an accident, but also how to deal with Insurance Companies, doctors and lawyers. He gives good tips and explains on why you should not just accept anyone’s word that they are trying to help you. Sometimes it IS to good to be true. I recommend this book as a good intro and guide to any person wishing to familiarize and prepare themselves for the unexpected.

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